When was the last time you heard a great story?

I want you to know that each of you have a strong, gorgeous voice & epic stories to share. You have a message to offer in a way that only you can. And I am honored to get to be a part of that journey. That was my message to the eight fabulous participants of the Media Bombshell June Intensive.


They ranged in age from twenty-four to fifty-four, were a lovely mix of men and women, some just starting new brands and other building on ones that had been birthed over a decade ago. And yet…

Each person showed up. Each of them was brave enough vulnerable. Each person was present, listened fully and was eager to learn. They brought their full beings and shared their unique voices. They came together as a strong & bonded group.


One big chunk of our time together was dedicated to story. How to tell a powerful story. How to share it in a way that brings your audience in. How to share it so people felt more connected to you and to your mission. Each person practiced… and on the final day, they each stood in front of the room and shared a story.

I was so moved by how beautiful and courageous each of them were. How big their voices felt, how filled with purpose they seemed. I was blown away, moved to tears and laughter, and felt connected to them soul-to-soul.

That’s the power of great stories.


So, for a little inspiration today, I thought I would offer four incredible story tellers who I adore (in no particular order):

Tolly Moseley: She makes her own life experiences really relatable through carefully crafted stories, even when I never have (and probably never will) be in the same situation. Example: this post on a silent retreat.

Alexandra Franzen: Her prose are gorgeously written & created to make you want to take action. Check out this post, for example.

Simon Sinek: In his TED talk, you can see how he uses story to make his concepts come to life. LOVE.

Ash Ambirge: her stories are a great example of how a simple moment, when illustrated with loads of personality, can truly entertain & delight.

Enjoy! And tell me, how do you plan on using the power of story in your brand? What are you doing already that’s working, and where do you see yourself growing?? Dish. below!


  1. Tolly said:

    Ellie! I am looooooooving the new website look. So sharp and bright! Are you just thrilled with it?

    And, thank you for the shout-out here on your blog! Not surprised at all that your intensive was a huge success – lucky participants, every single one.


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