Why should I make time for interviews?

I get asked this question all the time… and I totally get it! You’re super busy already, so you don’t want to add even one more thing without truly understanding the value for you. So, I figured I would help by putting together the top seven reasons it’s time for you to create space for interviews.

You know you could win people over if they just knew about you and got a taste of what you did. So, let’s find new ways to get you in front of people, shall we? Even if you’re not into TV interviews {although I highly recommend giving them a shot!}, you could focus on radio, podcasts, Skype interviews or written Q+As. Gotta love all the options!

You want to share your message in a way that reaches thousands {if not millions} in a matter of minutes. The average TV interview is three minutes long, and can catapult your message onto screens across the country. Hello, new potential clients! 

You believe in your work and are passionate about the people you help. Your work matters. We totally agree on that. So, why wouldn’t you help more people if you could? Interviews can be a powerful platform to add values to people’s lives in an instant.

You are meant to be the go-to expert in your field. Being interviewed is a wonderful way to connect with influencers and find new partners. Plus, the more you’re interviewed, the more you get known for your work and the more you get known for your work, the more people will ask to interview you or have you on as an expert. See how nicely that works? You just have to get the ball rolling.

You’re bored with your current ways of getting in front of new audiences: affiliate sales seem overdone, Facebook ads just aren’t getting you the clicks, and if you’re honest with yourself, you really don’t love most networking events. So, let’s move on, shall we?

You’re willing to take risks and live a bit outside your comfort zone to make bigger impact. Sure, if you’ve never done interviews before (or the ones you tried didn’t go so well), it can be scary to think of putting yourself out there in this way. But, coming from a girl who’s been on both sides of the interview thousands of times and survived, I can tell you the results are well worth it.

You don’t believe in waiting for your potential clients to stumble on your tiny corner of the world wide web. Sure, it would be amazing if you magically had a year-long waiting list, but we both know you can’t just wait for your perfect clients to come to you {wouldn’t that be nice?!}. Sometimes, you have to give them a new way to find you.


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