Why Your Message Needs Some Elasticity

Recently, a post I had that focused on an Oprah ‘a-ha’ moment got me thinking about Oprah herself. Why did the Oprah brand, and Oprah herself, continue to thrive in an industry that is used to seeing ‘flash in the pan’ type success? What I think it comes down to is that she wasn’t afraid to evolve. She invited her viewers to evolve with her.

While being consistent certainly is a fundamental part of branding and messaging, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to change and grow…the way we all do…over time.

I know that the bombshell I am today is one who has changed shape and form from an earlier bombshell version. What I’m saying is that I encourage you to stay true to yourself.  You are not the same person you were ten years ago…five years ago…last year.

If you set a rigid parameter around your messaging, you’ll wind up feeling stuck. {click to tweet} Let me explain…


When I first started out in my career, I was a reporter. After some time and success, I realized my passions were forming in an area outside of news. I felt driven to create Pink Kisses, to help women get over heartbreak and give them the boost of confidence they really needed.


The responses I received made me realize I was on to something, and I could just feel the momentum building and increasing, simply by listening to my inner ‘me’.

I was no longer afraid of tweaking and changing my path and how I was representing myself to the world.

Soon, I realized that my calling to help others–namely, women–deliver their message to the world in a way that was their best, most authentic selves, was getting louder and louder. I felt comfortable {and nervous} and excited to move forward with Media Bombshell. Sure, it’s been hard, but so worth it. 


So, give yourself time and space to grow. Allow for some elasticity in your goals and vision and the daily way in which you execute it. After all, it should be playful, right?

Tell me, bombshell, what’s one way you’ve changed? How have you evolved? Or how do you see you and your message evolving?

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