Who Are You Without Your Excuses?

Welcome to the third installment of the Summer Series!

In this feature, I’m showcasing videos that I love and why I love them so, right here on the blog. I hope that the stories shared will inspire action within you, as they undoubtedly have for me. This ‘a-ha’ moment still stops me in my heels, and is something that I just absolutely have to share with you lovelies.

Click play & enjoy! 

“When you hold onto your history, you do so at the expense of your destiny.”

Wow. Geez. I mean…this sentence just slices it all right open, doesn’t it? Can’t argue with that. It holds you accountable to yourself. It holds me accountable to myself. It means I can’t blame anything or anyone else for my actions or how I’m feeling.

That can be tough to swallow at first. But, I also love this with all of my heart because it means I’m the boss! I can ask myself…who am I without my excuses? This really helps me feel free and remind myself that I’m in charge. Nothing happens without my say-so!

It also ties in again to another theme here at Media Bombshell: taking risks and enjoying the process, not the results. The journey is where you are experiencing life and shaping you who are and celebrating that. Let go of past ideas of how things ‘should’ be, and move forward exactly the way you want…and have fun! Relish in the unknown.

I hope watching this encourages you to make some big decisions… on behalf of YOU. I hope you feel compelled to cut loose whatever regrets are anchoring you and keeping you in place. You decide your future!

What do you think, bombshell? What are you ready to cut loose?




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