You’ve Booked Your First TV Interview… Now What?

Boy, do I have some tips for you! I’ve worked as a reporter and I’ve appeared as a guest, so I can give you the scoop as both interviewer and interviewee to help you prepare for your first television {or Skype or Vlog or Webinar…} appearance.

My first video gets the basics out of the way: what to wear. {Hint: no big earrings, but a statement necklace is perfect}.

Next, it’s time to figure out how to tell your story while a camera is pointed at you. In this video, I demonstrate how to craft your message in an impactful way. One tip? Get specific!

Finally, I want you to be YOU. Your message is so powerful when the real you gets to shine, bombshell. So, how to show your personality on camera? For starters, don’t straighten your hair. 😉 Here’s why:

Okay love, there you have it… three quick and easy videos to check out when you are making your on screen debut.

Now it’s your turn to share… what’s working for you? Have a favorite tip? Join the conversation over here.

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