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Speaking from the experience of being an NBC reporter for nearly a decade – then growing a successful business where I’ve worked with hundreds of women to create their extraordinary brand personalities– and along the way overcoming my own struggles with getting over fears, sharing bold personal stories,  & making every word matter – I love connecting with audiences around all things related to owning your stories, speaking with soul about your work and being memorable.

As an unorthodox media trainer and  leadership coach with a background in on-camera reporting, my strengths on stage include raising the collective energy level of the room, engaging the audience with playfulness and interaction, and leaving each person with actionable insights to implement in their businesses.


I am currently booking through 2019. For inquiries, please contact my team here.



“Ellie, thank you!! Incredibly helpful – you let me see how to shape the story in a way I would NEVER have figured out on my own. Stronger for sure. Seriously, you are the best I’ve seen.” ~ Laurie 

“It was such a pleasure meeting you today at the TWC luncheon! Your company is great, and your presentation was really inspiring. Thank you!”   ~ Abby 

“I am excited to get my videos & blog up and running on my sites, and feel confident that I can stop over-thinking them and just get started!  Thanks so much for speaking at BlogathonATX!”  ~ Courtney 

“Many sincere thanks for the presence you brought to our retreat. You were fully engaged with us, and what you shared was invaluable. Since coming home, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of who I’m truly trying to reach and how my story can support them, and I’ve figured it out in a big kind of way. I’m so much clearer than I was before your talk… I hope the world is ready!” ~ Julie

“You are so inspirational, and I am so happy I got to meet you! Your speech completely changed my perspective on life and my future! Thanks so much for everything you do!!”   ~ Chelsea


Short Bio

Ellie Scarborough Brett is an in-demand speaker and trainer who works with leaders to master their messages and speak with soul on camera, on stage and in every conversation. 

After reporting on NBC for nearly a decade & founding a popular online business to help women get over heartbreak, she developed a unique process for building powerful and purposeful messaging for entrepreneurs, authors, and small businesses. Now she works exclusively with leaders who are serious about positively impacting the planet with their words, and who are ready to harness the power of their unique voice to do it. 

Her story has been featured on the TODAY Show, Cosmo radio, in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Times and many more.

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