I’m now a regular monthly blogger at the Huffington Post!

{a NYMI case study with Christine Marion-Jolicoeur – 2014 alumna}

When I first heart about NYMI…

… I was about 18 months into having my side business. I was feeling small and playing small and I couldn’t imagine investing money in the work that was barely making me any money. I wasn’t even sure that the media (or anyone else!) would be interested in me or what I had to say.

But, after reading more about the program and speaking with Ellie, there was just no reason not to sign up. I loved her approach to the topic and being able to work at my own pace (being in a different time zone meant I couldn’t attend many of the calls live) and the extra support she offered through the Q&As and in the Facebook group. I could easily see the ways for me to personalize the course for my needs and how I would be able to apply the learning to lots of different areas of my business.

At first I was surprised by…

… how disconnected I felt listening to the calls after the fact, but I emailed a list of my questions to Ellie and she answered all of them over the course of the NYMI program. I loved all the practical tips about what to wear, how to come up with a pre-interview ritual and how to deal with boundaries. As well as the clarity I got around my business and ideal clients after answering the questions each week.

The biggest change for me…

… came from a simple shift in perspective after Ellie explained that interviews are just conversations and that I’m actually helping reporters by submitting my articles and ideas and answering their questions. Like many entrepreneurs I’m a helper and I’m used to having lots of conversations (I’m a parenting coach), so I really loved learning ways I could make things easier and help make the interview a success for everyone involved.

I used the ideas and techniques from the NYMI course…

… to pitch an article to Huffington Post and now I’m a regular monthly blogger there. I’ve also done several magazine, newspaper and radio interviews in the past year and used some of the material from NYMI when I was updating the copy on my website. Even a year later, as I’m still going and growing my sweet little business, I refer back to the materials from the program and I’m so grateful for all of the the help and support and information.

Tecumseh, ON. March 12, 2015 -- Christine Marion-Jolicoeur is holding a workshop called Joyful parenting, Thursday March 12, 2015. (NICK BRANCACCIO/The Windsor Star) NOT for daily gallery, please. (NICK BRANCACCIO/The Windsor Star)

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