Kind Words

“Ellie: you are truly a media goddess. In one scintillating conversation with you, I found the right words to explain not just what I do, by why I do it — and where my work is going.

Having stories, soundbites and crisp parcels of language that I can whip out for interviews and media appearances = a priceless confidence boost.
Sometimes, even pro-wordsmiths need to been witnessed + seen.

Thank you for helping me see my LIFE’S FREAKIN’ WORK, live on the screen.”

Gala Darling

“Had such a killer morning working with @mediabombshell. Damn! That babe knows how to cut to the heart of the message!”

“THANK YOU so very much for our time together. It was SO extremely helpful. I felt super solid going into my interview, like no matter what, I had a few key things to share that were both interesting and insightful.

The interview and demo of the class went fantastically. They also had me join them for a round table discussion on happiness, so that was great. The producer pulled me aside afterwards and said, ‘We absolutely LOVE you here.’

Also, thank you for working with me before my TV appearance. It really gave me confidence in what I was doing. And it makes so much sense, because I would never go to an audition without rehearsing! Our time was super valuable.

You are so very good at what you do!”

Selena Soo

“What a special gift to have you at our retreat! My clients have completely fallen in love with you. I’m so excited for us to continue collaborating.”

–Selena Soo | publicity and business strategist,

“Ellie is the very very best. I’m so grateful that I know Ellie and that I took the leap to hiring her to coach me in this realm. The work we’ve done together has paid off in spades and I know will bring me to a much higher level of myself professionally.

If you are in need of video/media coaching, she’s your gal!


In a word – the retreat was transformational! Ellie was so grounded and she created a beautiful, fun and a safe atmosphere for all of us to dig deep enough into our vulnerabilities and passions and to find our universal truths that describe our purpose.

It was only 2.5 days and I feel like I have had a month’s vacation. Refreshed, renewed, rediscovered and ready! Totally worth the trip from Northern Ontario, Canada!”

Looooove Ellie from @mediabombshell! If you’re looking for clarity around your message and the best way to deliver it, work with her…now!

THANK YOU for everything today. It was beyond worth the investment and I look forward to referring people to you. I’ve never been more excited about what I’m doing than I am now. Today challenged me in every way, but it was exactly what I needed. Forever grateful.

“Ellie helped me shape my entrepreneurial journey into a concise + irresistible story that spoke directly to the pain points and desires of my ideal clients. I now feel confident and poised in interviews and rather than rambling on and on (which I totally used to do) I have clear + juicy soundbites at the ready.

In just one weekend I also formed several deep relationships with women I’m still in touch with–who have become friends and business buddies. If you’re looking make the most of media attention, get re-inspired, + connect with fellow power girls, the SPARK is where it’s at!”

I signed up for Spark because I wanted to get more clarity with my message and my mission, and I had a strong feeling that Ellie would the one to help.  I am so glad I attended!  Ellie is an incredible teacher and has such passion and FUN while leading, it is contagious!  

Having such an intimate group of women from so many different types of business was so fascinating and eye-opening. Ellie attracts amazing women and I learned just how important messaging is for all types of businesses.

“Spark was one of the most powerful experiences I have encountered in my life. So much more than media training, it changed the way I view myself.”

–Susie Cannon | Founder & CEO, Linden

If you cannot share & sell your business in 3 minutes – you need Ellie’s help!

{Check out Julie’s full NYMI Review Video here. She dishes exactly how she gained laser sharp clarity in her messaging & the unexpected ways in which media interview training has helped in every aspect of her brand}.

I used the ideas and techniques from the NYMI course to pitch an article to Huffington Post and now I’m a regular monthly blogger there. I’ve also done several magazine, newspaper and radio interviews in the past year and used some of the material from NYMI when I was updating the copy on my website. Even a year later, as I’m still going and growing my sweet little business, I refer back to the materials from the program and I’m so grateful for all of the the help and support and information. {Take a peek at Christine’s full NYMI Review right here}. 

Laurie Frick

“Ellie, thank you!! Incredibly helpful – you let me see how to shape the story in a way I would NEVER have figured out on my own. Stronger for sure.

Seriously, you are the best I’ve seen.”

Jennifer Racioppi

Thank you so much for your incredible workshop/tour/experience. Wow—you are amazing. What a gift…

Cher Hale

“Just had the most amazing heart wide open session w/ @mediabombshell. So so grateful for every minute that I got to spend with Ellie.

The clarity I received from her on what my business is really about and what I truly believe in has made all the difference in my profitability, my happiness with my business and my ability to make decisions.

It felt so good to say what lights me up on camera and now I have tons of ideas spilling out of me for future video work, which I know I’ll go to Ellie first to talk about.”

–Cher Hale | creator of the iceberg project,

“We would have been lost without you! And we didn’t even know how badly we needed you in the first place.

Thanks to Ellie, we had a well-structured, funny, clear and engaging presentation. She made our speech rock!

We were able to speak with more confidence about our work, feel more confidence in what we do, and share that confidence with others.

Given our experience with Ellie, we’d recommend her to anyone who is asked to speak about themselves and what they do.”

–Kristen Von Minden & Eve Trester-Wilson | MakeATX,

Suzann Venker

Ellie brought such happiness and confidence to our session, she has the ability to get what her client is trying to achieve. I was amazed at how much I felt like I Ellie knew what I was all about before we talked.

“Well thank goodness for you, Ellie. You deliver! Your expertise was perfection. I feel totally clear and complete. In fact, the time flew by. Now I have sound bites for any occasion. I feel prepared knowing it makes sense. My message is clear and concise. I know what I want to say and how I want to say it. Thank you!”

“I absolutely love your dedication and directness. I truly enjoyed how you helped me hone my message in a way that is easier for my audience to take in without losing what I value most.

I recognized the importance of condensing my message and learned how to organize the content of a good video. I also learned invaluable tips and tricks to great video production and post production.

You’re very easy to talk to, whip-smart, and insanely insightful.”

“I would never consider myself particularly polished or poised and I have a tendency to”goob out” whenever a camera is near.

Incredibly, Ellie put me at ease and even coaxed out some worthy sound bites.

Who knew I had it in me? She did!

Thanks for the guidance and confidence boosting!”

“Ellie is confident, approachable and fearless. I am empowered. I got what I needed in our one session.

I would say absolutely, unequivocally yes! Get with Ellie. And seeing the results of her work, I would add in a cartwheel too.”

“Ellie Scarborough Brett knows exactly how the stories should be told depending on the bombshell that is inside of you – she knows where it is and how to bring it out.

During few projects I have worked with her as a videographer, I saw the way that her clients progressed from being very intimidated about speaking in front of a camera to confidently telling stories that are to the point.

Not only that she is a pro, she also makes the process really fun and comfortable.”

–Mary Kang | videographer, Vimeo

“Thank you so much Ellie! YOU have really helped me grow in my work.
I now have clarity in my message and a whole list of video messages that I can put out there and a way to tie them all in to my work…website…blogs etc.

And just seeing my bombshell energy coming out is good for me! It’s been hiding much too long!”

“Your expertise and artful media coaching made all the difference in taking  me from media innocent to finding my message for the Zoo in You.

Thank you so much for your effort, expertise, professionalism and…the bombshell presence that you are. Much love to you and many many thanks.”

“I am someone who has never enjoyed being on camera, but Ellie makes the whole process feel very natural.

She asks all the right questions, has an incredible ear for a good soundbite, and an awesome sense of editing.

I would happily entrust her with any video project that came my way!”