Private Coaching

The SHINE Intensive

You’ve got a fantastic message – but it needs a shot in the arm. Whether it’s for an upcoming interview, a series of online videos or a high-level talk, a VIP Intensive is perfect for the client who needs message and media training, fast. Sound like you?

During your SHINE Intensive I dig into every aspect of your message, watching past interviews, reviewing videos on your site, and reading your writing to understand how you speak to your audience. Next, I generate a specific strategy and exercises tailored to get you and your message capital-r Ready. We then spend our time together in a highly concentrated, fast-paced & in-depth training geared directly to your needs.

The SHINE Intensive is our “boot camp” of message training, designed to whip your message into rock solid shape, giving you a months worth of content in a single day. And just like any good trainer, I need to hold you accountable, don’t I? So you get two quick follow-ups with me to check in on your progress, and to make any messaging tweaks needed.

How it works:

We break the day into two jam-packed, back-to-back training sessions (3 hours apiece, with a brainstorming + lunch break in the middle) where we begin with overall messaging and strategy & move into specific content creation, delivery development & implementation timelines.

Plus, you get two 30-minute follow-up Skype sessions.

Think of your SHINE Intensive as jam-packed single day program for those who want to get in, get out and get busy with their message.

What you’ll get:

    • A polished, world-ready message
    • WOW-worthy sound bites
    • Practice interviews, video delivery or presentation content tweaking followed by one-on-one feedback
    • Tricks for answering the questions you love (and the questions you dread)
    • The ability to deliver with authenticity and heart

Alums from The SHINE Intensive go on to rock their spotlight, and with that sweet taste of success, often come back for a six month collaboration, a second SHINE Intensive or come to a Spark event.

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Make Your Mark: The 12-Month Collaboration

You’re meant to be an influencer – and it’s high time your words pave the path for you to step into your full potential. An ideal option for entrepreneurs, creatives, bloggers and authors, Make Your Mark is an in-depth process that helps you deliver, ANYWHERE, with poise and confidence. Whether it’s for a media interview, homepage video or your next keynote, I’ll start by reviewing your juiciest messaging to date and we’ll dive in right where you are, arming you to compel any audience.

Over the course of twelve months, we’ll collaborate to hone your message and strengthen your business. We begin with your foundational messaging, build some core soundbytes and pillars for your platform, taking into account your business model, team, and vision for growth.

We set up goals for our time together & I create a customized course to leapfrog you to the next level in media interviews, videos, speaking live in front of audiences or all three. Plus, we make a plan for growing your business and organizing your systems that feels too good to be true.  The best part? You get a jolt of insights & education every week, then go play & return to tell me how it’s shaping up.

This is a cumulative training that builds on your progress, teaching you about:

    • Message content (saying it in a way that connects)
    • Delivery (how you show up to your audience)
    • Media interview techniques (from key sound bites, to shaping your interview, to how you look)
    • Video techniques (how to deliver in homepage/blog videos to entire information products)
    • Talks (how to have a magnetic onstage presence and leave your audience wanting more)
    • Rocking networking events
    • Brand messaging for your entire team to use
    • Clear brand strategy
    • Time management
    • Creating culture with your team
    • Methods for ranking media, speaking & guest teaching opportunities to make the most impact

How it works:

A three-hour kickoff session via Skype or in person, to build a solid message & create a plan for our time together. Plus monthly sessions and full email access to me. I also offer bonus SOS phone calls (15 min. each) to discuss any burning questions you want once a month. It’s an immersive collaboration for those who want the highest level of support for their words and their work, with extra breathing room in the summer and around the holidays. Expect to grow as a leader, spokesperson, and business owner.

What you’ll get:

    • Hands-on cultivation of your unique voice
    • Your brand message brought into sharp focus
    • The ability to translate that message into any media, video or speaking campaign
    • The power to speak with poise and confidence on camera, in interviews and on stage
    • Tools to create compelling content
    • Techniques for nailing your delivery
    • Confidence to speak from your heart, and make huge impact
    • True leadership skills for your business and beyond
    • Tools to feel totally confident as a leader in front of any audience

Clients love this package, because it allows them to not only zero in on how to deliver their voices and grow their businesses, but to come back and share their experiences once they’ve unleashed their new tools out into the world. We’ll build on your progress to transform your words + your work into a supple, powerful tool.

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