Team Coaching

Let’s create an unforgettable, wildly valuable experience for your team…

Introducing SPARK, a custom message & media training  geared toward helping team leaders find their unique voices, share their boldest stories & speak with soul {and without fear} to ignite their brand like never before.

Spark is for you + your group if you know you’re ready to learn how to speak about it with more poise, confidence and clarity.

  • Your team leaders might be no stranger to the spotlight, but you’ve recently launched a new product or rebranded, and struggle to find the words + confidence to express this new angle to the world.
  • Or, juicy media opportunities or speaking gigs have landed in your lap… but your team doesn’t yet know how to fully take advantage of these opportunities.
  • You know your team has incredible stories to share to win clients and get known in your industry, but you don’t take the time to develop them or have the skill set to make them as powerful as possible.

Sound familiar? Then SPARK is what you’ve been waiting for… hop over here to fill out a form and we’ll be in touch to get your custom workshop booked ASAP. 

In this intimate, playful, and soul-stirring experience, we will refine messages, amplify confidence, and uncover your boldest stories. We can also sharpen interview skills, shape powerful talks or presentations, and ignite inspiring videos across multiple platforms.

Every Spark is customized to meet each unique group’s needs, and includes an in-depth conversation with me, plus a questionnaire for each participant and strategy calls leading up to the event to create just the right content. I also offer options for follow-up engagement. 


I created SPARK because I know first-hand what it takes to truly harness the power of your voice (both on camera and off).

After working as an NBC on-air reporter for 7 years, I quit my job to found my dream business, a website dedicated to helping women overcome heartbreak, stronger and faster than ever before. I used my skills as a journalist to identify the unique story within my business idea, packaged it into core soundbites, and began consistently releasing online video content. I also recognized the power of media interviews.

Within one month of launching, I appeared as a guest on the TODAY Show. And before the year’s end, I attracted coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, SHAPE Magazine, Cosmo radio and more. I also used online videos to build a vibrant community of loyal fans & developed a keynote speech that I used to speak on stages across the country.

I decided to start Media Bombshell to share what I’d learned with fellow movers and shakers who wanted to leverage the power of purposeful speaking + media savvy to create thriving communities of loyal customers.


“Spark was one of the most powerful experiences I have encountered in my life. So much more than media training, it changed the way I view myself.”

–Susie Cannon | Founder & CEO, Linden


Custom Sparks vary based on each group, but here are the basics:

  • What: an intimate custom workshop lead by Ellie on three topics: Make Your Words Matter, Share Your Boldest Stories and Speak with Soul
  • When: generally three 3-hour sessions that include group training & individual spotlights
  • Who: small groups typically between 10-20 people from small businesses, associations, leadership groups & personal development groups


“Ellie helped me shape my entrepreneurial journey into a concise + irresistible story that spoke directly to the pain points and desires of my ideal clients. I now feel confident and poised in interviews and rather than rambling on and on (which I totally used to do) I have clear + juicy soundbites at the ready.

In just one weekend I also formed several deep relationships with women I’m still in touch with–who have become friends and business buddies. If you’re looking make the most of media attention, get re-inspired, + connect with fellow power girls, the SPARK is where it’s at!”

My promises to you…

  • It’ll be an intimate, safe setting where I will create an environment for purposeful & powerful learning
  • I’ll give loads of my best insider tips & juicy teachings, personal experiences from my time as an NBC reporter and as spokesperson for my business, plus plenty of helpful tools for busting through your barriers.
  • Each participant gets a spotlight where you can ask me anything that strikes your fancy & I’ll give you direct feedback on your biggest challenges and deepest questions.
  • You’ll walk away with new tools for storytelling, interviews, speaking or presenting and/or video, depending on what your group needs most.

I signed up for Spark because I wanted to get more clarity with my message and my mission, and I had a strong feeling that Ellie would the one to help.  I am so glad I attended!  Ellie is an incredible teacher and has such passion and FUN while leading, it is contagious!  

Having such an intimate group of women from so many different types of business was so fascinating and eye-opening. Ellie attracts amazing women and I learned just how important messaging is for all types of businesses.

The unique group setting will allow you to learn from your fellow participants’ questions and gain insights you never would on your own.  And, if you’re considering working with me in a larger capacity it’s a great introduction to my coaching style and what it’s like to collaborate.

In a word – the retreat was transformational! Ellie was so grounded and she created a beautiful, fun and a safe atmosphere for all of us to dig deep enough into our vulnerabilities and passions and to find our universal truths that describe our purpose.

It was only 2.5 days and I feel like I have had a month’s vacation. Refreshed, renewed, rediscovered and ready! Totally worth the trip from Northern Ontario, Canada!”

After many years of doing this work, here’s what I know for sure…

When a leader has the tools, strategy, and PERMISSION to speak with soul… authentically, articulately and unabashedly… she or he becomes unstoppable.

And I’m on a mission to create more unstoppable leaders.

Are you ready to become one of them?

Just pop over here to fill out our form and we’ll reach out in a jiffy!