Make Your Words Matter!

Do you know, deep down, that you have so much potential to move people with your words, but you just don’t know how?

Do you put your soul into creating powerful programs, only to have no one sign up?

Do you love your work, but when you talk about it, you see eyes glazing over?

Do you feel like people only see one sliver of your personality when you talk about your business in videos, interviews, or everyday conversation?

Here’s the thing: you can have the most incredible, soul-shifting business on the planet, but if you don’t know how to talk about it in a way that lights people up, it simply doesn’t matter.

I realized this for myself when I started my first business. I recognized that I could put gobs of money, time, and emotional equity into building the perfect products and services, but if I didn’t know how to tell my story and share about my offerings, no one would buy from me.

Now, I had the benefit of working as an on-air reporter for NBC for almost a decade, so I could use the skills I’d learned to focus in on my core message and build a powerful story that would resonate with my audience.

And I was able to harness the power of my words to create a splash with my business in a matter of months: appearing everywhere from the TODAY Show to Cosmo radio, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, to gaining loyal followers through weekly blog videos.

I had throngs of people eager to work with me. And I want the same for you.

Will you join me on September 14th for my 90-minute free training?

Yes, Ellie!

I'm so excited to finally learn how
to turn my words into client magnets!

**These tips & tools are typically reserved for my VIP clients, and I will only be sharing this training with you once this year.**


Sure, you might be thinking:

  • I’m an introvert, I have no desire to be in the spotlight.

Guess what? It’s not just about being in the spotlight. It’s about knowing how to speak effectively in every conversation with a potential client, or on a Q+A call, or even with potential partners.

  • I could never create videos or use interviews as effectively as you did.

Yes, you really can. It’s all about learning a skill set, and it’s easier than you think. I promise.

  • If it took you years to learn it, how much can you possibly teach in one training?

Realize that I’ve done the hard work for you, and now I’m taking my best insights & tips from years of learning & condensing them to give you a powerful, jam-packed training.

  • I have so many things I do, can I really boil it down to a core message?

You have to. If you’re always trying to give tons of information about your work, people will walk away with mixed messages and without a clear understanding of how you can serve them.

  • I’ve tried to get help with my message before and left more confused. Why will this be different?

These are resources I typically share to great effect with my private clients. I’ve seen them in action and I know they work if you really implement them.


Just think how you’ll feel if:

  • The next time you hop on a call with a potential client, you have a clear message and can speak about your work in a way that instantly makes them crave it.
  • The next time you ask people to join your program, you know how to reach them on a soul-deep level.
  • The next time you’re asked to do an interview or you need to shoot a video, you won’t feel like hiding.
  • The next time you speak about your work, in any conversation, you’ll have the skills to make others feel your purpose & light up with excitement.


During this training you’ll discover {5 of my juiciest tips} on how to make your words matter:

:: how to focus in on the heart of your work so you can wow your audience in a matter of seconds

:: what to leave out of your message to make the most impact with your words so you don’t lose your audience by saying too much that isn’t truly important

:: how to identify your most compelling stories and use then to sell the power of your work, so people are eager to hire you 

:: what’s already working for you & how to own it so your audience {and potential clients} feel like they get to know you & trust you

:: how to turn your words into client magnets so speaking about your work and winning clients can be FUN and filled with ease


Join me on September 14th for my 90-minute free training at 2pm ET, 11am PT.

Yes, Ellie! I’m totally ready to stop hiding & speak with confidence about my work!


Listen, I {love} to over-deliver and this training will be no exception. It’s going to be packed with valuable insights that will allow you to change the way others react to you & your offerings, and {even more important} the way you feel about yourself + your work.


*Plus, did I mention there will be games, laughter and lots of ? I believe in play, and this training will be no exception! But you have to be there to receive all this goodness.



PS: I know you’re ready to make your words matter so you can win more clients, make more money, and feel more YOU. Won’t you join me? It’s September 14th at 2pm ET, 11am PT.



“Ellie: you are truly a media goddess. In one scintillating conversation with you, I found the right words to explain not just what I do, by why I do it — and where my work is going.

Having stories, soundbites and crisp parcels of language that I can whip out for interviews and media appearances = a priceless confidence boost. Sometimes, even pro-wordsmiths need to been witnessed + seen.

Thank you for helping me see my LIFE’S FREAKIN’ WORK, live on the screen.”

–Alexandra Franzen | author of 50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome,

Gala Darling

“Had such a killer morning working with @mediabombshell. Damn! That babe knows how to cut to the heart of the message!”

–Gala Darling | writer, speaker, magic-maker,


“We would have been lost without you! And we didn’t even know how badly we needed you in the first place. Thanks to Ellie, we had a well-structured, funny, clear and engaging presentation. She made our speech rock!

We were able to speak with more confidence about our work, feel more confidence in what we do, and share that confidence with others. Given our experience with Ellie, we’d recommend her to anyone who is asked to speak about themselves and what they do.”

–Kristen Von Minden & Eve Trester-Wilson | MakeATX,